1946 , Milano-Sanremo

After the end of the war bicycle races start again and, as usual, the first race of the season is the "Milano-Sanremo" Fausto Coppi has joined the Bianchi team , leaving Legnano (Bartali's team) and is now wearing the famous white - light blue shirt.
It was impossible for him to live in the same team with Bartali.
After few kilometers from Milano the Frenchman Tesseire tries to attack and to leave the group and he is soon followed by a little group of 4 racers and Fausto Coppi.
This little group will remain unchanged until the start of the Turchino climb, where only Tesseire will be able to be proof against Fausto's speed. But his resistance will be very short and Fausto Coppi will be able to leave Tesseire and to increase his advantage. Fausto Coppi arrives in Sanremo after an escape 145 Km long , 14 mins. before Tesseire and 24 mins. before Bartali and the group.

After this race the myth of the "campionissimo" is born and Italy is splitted between Fausto's and Bartali's fans.