1950, an unlucky year

1950 begins in the wrong way: during the race Milan-Sanremo a tyre bursts and the other competitors give him very little help so he's not able to express himself at his best.

The good chance comes during the Paris-Roubaix: Coppi sprints together with Maurice Diot then, at 45 km to the finish, he leaves his sprint-mate and speeds up. He arrives in Roubaix 3 minutes before Diot, 5 minutes and a half before Magni and 9 before Van Steenbergen.

Coppi obtains the same result in the Freccia Vallone: he sprints ahead at 100 km from the finish and wins with more than 5 minutes over the second.
The ninth stage of the Giro, going from Vicenza to Bolzano is very unlucky for Fausto. On the Primolano climb, the rider preceding him starts bending and Fausto falls. Once at the hospital, doctors detect a triple fracture of the pelvis.

He stays in bed for 29 days and even out of hospital it's very hard for him to recover completely from the accident. The season is over for him until the 24 of September when he's allowed to come back to the cycling activity.