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The measure of how Fausto Coppi is an unforgettable champiom resides also in the number of books and publications devoted to him.
I've picked up some titles, perhaps the most significant. Certainly not all.
Enjoy them

Dino Buzzati
The Giro D'Italia : Coppi Vs. Bartali at the 1949 Tour of Italy
Paperback - 200 pages (November 12, 1998) Velo Press; ISBN: 188473751X

Jacques Augendre
Fausto Coppi: the true story
Hardcover, 160 pages

Peter Duker
Coppi (92 pages and 20 photos)
New Horizon (Transeuros Limited), Bognor Regis,Great Britain ISBN 0 86116 945 X

Les Woodland
Cycling Heroes Collection of brief histories (interviews & recollections) of some of the greatest cyclists of all time, including Jacques Anquetil, Tom Simpson, Rik van Steenbergen, & Fausto Coppi.

FAUSTO COPPI "The Campionissimo"
A translation and adaptation by Salvatore Trence from the original booklet "LA LEGGENDA DI FAUSTO COPPI" published in Italy by La Domenica Del Corriere.
It was published in England by the Kennedy Brothers Publishing Ltd. in the mid 1970's

Jean-Paul Ollivier
Fausto Coppi. The true story
The biography of Italy's greatest and most controversial campionissimo. This most recent and objective writing includes contributions from Coppi's White Lady. Photographs, 205pp Paperback

Jean-Paul Ollivier
Fausto Coppi. La tragédie de la gloire
PAC Editions , Paris - 1979

Dominique Jameux
Fausto Coppi : l'âechappâee belle, Italie 1945-1960

Martin Ros
Fausto Coppi, een heldenleven
published by Tomas Rap ISBN 90-6005-440-7

Martin Ros
published by Agathon ISBN 90-269-5131-0