A career of accidents

It's sure that Fausto Coppi's career was not lucky.
His physique gave him a lot of advantages (Fausto's lungs were exceptionals) but his bones were very fragile, as you can understand reading the list of all the accidents he suffered.

  • 1939: he fell and cracked his ankle
  • 1942: on June 23rd , at Vigorelli velodrome in Milan, he fell and broke his collar-bone
  • 1950: at the Giro d'Italia, in Primolano, he fell down and broke his pubis
  • 1951: he fell down in Turin and broke again his collar-bone
  • 1952: he fell down in Perpignano and broke his shoulder blade
  • 1954: while he was training near Pavia , Coppy was collided by a spare wheel lost by a truck. He cracked his skull and injuried the left knee
  • 1956: Coppi caught the typhus
  • 1956: he fell down near Ferrara and needed to wear a special corset due to an injury of the vertebrae
  • 1956: in Copenaghen he fell down and , again, injuried his vertebrae.
  • 1957: Coppi fell down in Sassari and broke his thigh-bone
  • 1959: he was collided by a tractor while he was training and got some injuries at his head