1957, the last victory

In spite his incredible strenght now, in 1957, Coppi is fighting against both the years and the injuries and his career is near to the end. Fausto is 38 years old and it's impossible for him to repeat the challenges of the golden years.

In addition to his age Fausto was unlucky due to his love story with Giulia Occhini (the famous "Dama Bianca"). Fausto and Giulia were alone against the public opinion and the italian justice .

After a trial (and, for Giulia Occhini, some days in prison) and the birth of Faustino , who was born in Argentina due to the italian laws of those years, Fausto is now tired.

But, again, Coppi is riding in the most important races and (after a fracture of his thigh-bone) he's ready to race the "Coppa Bernocchi".

This race, as always, is a time trial for teams made by two riders each and Fausto's fellow for this race is Ercole Baldini, a new young italian rider. This race will be a true trial for Coppi: Baldini is young and he wants to show his strenght and ability and, for Fausto , it will be difficult to keep his wheel.

They will win the race at a speed of 47 Km/h: a big satisfaction for both and the last important victory for Fausto Coppi.